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Association Services
SERVICES // 01- Hands on


Our hands-on services bring us to your company or event.  We can provide face-to-face service whether it requires a speech, a planning session, negotiations, expert witness testimony, or leadership training.


Call us and let's discuss where you are, what you need and your expectations. 


We can fit your timeline and your budget.

Association Projects
SERVICES // 02 - Long Term Project


Longer term projects are our specialty.  We like to work with a client on an ongoing basis so we can monitor progress, provide mid-course corrections and custom tailor the solution to your organization.


This is not more expensive than our //01 service level because there can be lots of economies built into the project.

Assocation Management
SERVICES // 03 - Distance Consult


Let's face it, we live in an electronic age.  We can conduct a lot of business without travel.  Many projects can be conducted from afar.


This is can be a time saving/money saving place to start.  The process is similar and the results can be surprisingly good.  Try it, you'll like it.

Association Strategies
SERVICES // 04 - Ghost Services


Some organizations need a second set of eyes on a project without anyone being the wiser.  We can review your documents and processes. We can also mystery shop your organization.  Retail organizations do this all of the time but it is also a valuable tool for non-profits to see how your organization staff interacts with possible members.

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