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Projects can be so varied.  These two samples include one that was an association project and another that assisted a private sector client invovled in complex litigation.

Association Project //  01

How do you bring a long series of frequently asked questions or newsletter articles together to create a coherent membership tool to both recruit and retain members?


The Wisconsin Housing Alliance had published many helpful articles on how to manage a manufactured home community or how to sell manufactured homes while complying with a myriad of federal and state regulations.


The project was to create to "how to manuals" that used existing resources in a fresh way.  Both books were published electronically on a member's only website to keep control of the content.  Both books were in pdf format that made them accessible to virtually any member or prospective member.  The genius of the project was embedded computer scripts that made the files unreadable if the member didn't renew their membership or didn't respond to the membership offer.  Now you see it, now you don't technology.



Private Sector Project //  02

Litigation had gone to the state's Supreme Court and our client had won an order for the lower court to determine damages.


We served as an expert witness in this case helping the client establish an argument that purposeful acts by the other side had deprived them of both direct and indirect income.


The two day trial needed an expert who could explain to the court complicated business models in common sense terms.   That is the type of service we can provide.


This same strategy can be employed in legislative battles as well.  We can show your lobbying team how to structure their arguments in terms that lay members of the Legislature or Congress can understand.

Association Legislative Strategy
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